Ancient Kal

Before the Official Start

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All Classes

Fully working shaman with all skills balanced and much more.

New Features

You have never seen before on any private kalonline server.

Latest Engine

Most up to date kalonline private server which ever been made.

You Can Be The Hero

We are proud to welcome you to Ancient Kal The most sophisticated server around, using the best server build, offering you the very stable, balanced, and enjoyable KalOnline experience players can get. With slight changes, a lot of balancing, and even more fixing and repairing of many features that never work on any other servers, Ancient Kal makes up for everything that Other failed in, and eventually completely wasted the potential of Kal-Online. We are looking forward seeing you on the server, good luck ! .

Ancient Kal is now serving up an Open Beta for players interested in trying out our latest features, Beta is a nice opportunity for you to leave your Feedback & Thoughts and make a change before the official release ! so make sure to be there and enjoy.