Ancient Kal


Read First

Make sure you have all the programs listed in the download section installed.
Always check for updated Files in the Download Section.
Always open the Game with the Launcher.
Run the Game as Administrator (right click Launcher.exe > Run as Administrator).
Windows 10 Users Change the Compatibility Mode to Windows 7 (right click Launcher.exe > Properties > Compatibility > Compatibility Mode > Check Run this program in Compatibility mode for: > set to Windows 7) .
Add an Exclusion for the whole Ancient KalOnline Folder in your Antivirus Software .
Update all your Drivers (Mainboard Drivers, Graphics Card Drivers, etc…) .
Dont Place any dll in your client .
Dont Delete or replace any dll in your client .

Full Client

Host Type Size Date  
MegaArchive571 MB5 October 2018Download
Google DriveArchive571 MB5 October 2018Download
Media FireArchive571 MB5 October 2018Download
Drop BoxArchive571 MB5 October 2018Download
DirectArchive571 MB5 October 2018Download

Manual Update

Host Type Size Date  
MegaArchive15 MB23 Nov 2018Download
Media FireArchive15 MB23 Nov 2018Download
Google DriveArchive15 MB23 Nov 2018Download